Next Generation Surgery - ICRA 2019 Full-day Workshop

May 24, 2019 - Montreal, Canada

Submitted Contributions

Submitted contributions accepted for poster presentation

Morning session (10:00-10:30):

M1. Haptic-guided needle grasping in minimally invasive robotic surgery
Mario Selvaggio, Amir M. Ghalamzan E., Rocco Moccia, Fanny Ficuciello, Bruno Siciliano
M2. dVRL: Reinforcement Learning Environments for Surgical Robotics
Florian Richter, Ryan Orosco, Michael Yip
M3. Energy-shared two-layer bilateral teleoperation architecture
Marco Minelli, Federica Ferraguti, Nicola Piccinelli, Riccardo Muradore, Cristian Secchi
M4. Autonomous Navigation of a Magnetic Flexible Endoscope
James Martin, Bruno Scaglioni, Joseph Norton, Pietro Valdastri, Keith Obstein
M5. An Intuitive Control of Eye Surgical Robot with Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU) Sensor
Mingchuan Zhou, Qiming Yu, Kai Huang, Mathias Maier, Chris P. Lohmann, Nassir Navab, Alois Knoll, M. Ali Nasseri
M6. Autonomy in Robotic Surgery: the First Baby Steps
P. Fiorini, D. Dall’Alba, M. Ginesi, B. Maris, D. Meli, H. Nakawala, A. Roberti, E. Tagliabue
Afternoon session (15:00-15:30):
A1. Quantifying Intraoperative Team Cognitive Workload in Complex Surgical Environments
Lauren R. Kennedy-Metz, Roger D. Dias, Heather M. Conboy, Jacob Nudel, Eileen M. Stock, Marco A. Zenati
A2. Gaze-contingent Robotic Assistance in the Operating Theater
Alexandros Kogkas, Ahmed Ezzat, Rudrik Thakkar, Ara Darzi, George Mylonas
A3. A Gaze-contingent Robotized Flexible Endoscope
Alexandros Kogkas, Benjamin Glover, Nisha Patel, Ara Darzi, George Mylonas
A4.Image Processing of Video Data on Robot-Assisted Surgery: Towards Data-Driven Surgery
Liangjing Yang, Santosh Singh, Yong Lei, Thenkurussi Kesavadas
A5. Basic Principles for Integrating Next-Generation Technologies into Surgical Workflows
Paul Thienphrapa, Benoit Mory, Ashish Panse, Vipul Pai Raikar, Alyssa Torjesen, Daniel Schulman, Molly Flexman, Aleksandra Popovic
A6. DextRoS: Affordable Mobile-based Robotic Surgery Simulator
Piyamate Wisanuvej, Petros Giataganas, Paul Riordan, Imanol Luengo, Ashwin Sridhar, Andre Chow, Jean Nehme and Danail Stoyanov
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